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my design process

In my years as an Art Director, I've noticed a gap between what I create and what people can easily access. I aim to bridge this divide, not just for myself but for everyone, ensuring widespread access to creativity.

My focus is on crafting ways for users to interact with and easily access creative pieces. Whether it's for businesses I collaborate with, the companies I support, or the artists I champion, I'm driven to make creation more visible.

Having been immersed in design, I recognize the abundance of unrecognized creativity due to accessibility issues. My transition to a User Experience (UX) designer involves adapting my process to prioritize user-centered principles.

Here is a glimpse of my design process:

image of post-its on wall showing the us design process Image by David Travis

Understanding User Needs

Connecting with the Audience: My design journey starts by delving into our target audience's needs and desires. Understanding their motivations becomes the guiding star for the entire creative process.
Exploring the Landscape: I conduct a thorough analysis of competitors' websites, drawing inspiration and insights from industry trends. This initial research phase is crucial for setting the stage for an impactful design.


Crafting the Blueprint

User Personas as Guides: I bring my artful touch into creating detailed user personas, breathing life into the characters who will interact with our design. These personas steer the ship, influencing key design decisions.
Structured Simplicity: I establish a clear information architecture and define how content flows to ensure an intuitive and delightful user experience. This phase involves creating low-fidelity wireframes and sketching out the blueprint of the website.


Interactive Vision

Bringing Ideas to Life: Leveraging my Art Director background, I transform wireframes into interactive, high-fidelity prototypes. This stage is where the design truly comes to life, allowing for the simulation of user experiences and the identification of potential improvements.
User-Centric Refinement: Through usability testing, I gather invaluable feedback from real users, fostering a culture of continuous refinement. Iterative design ensures that every element serves its purpose in enhancing usability.


Aesthetic Fusion

Crafting Visual Appeal: My artistic flair takes center stage as I infuse the design with visually appealing elements. The website meets user needs and captivates with a unique and compelling visual identity.
Brand Harmony: Consistency is key. I ensure that the visual elements seamlessly align with the brand, from color schemes and typography to imagery, creating a cohesive and recognizable presence.


From Testing to Launch

Final Checks: Before the grand reveal, the fully developed website undergoes meticulous testing. This phase aims to catch any lingering issues and ensures a flawless user experience.
Launching with Impact: The website launch is orchestrated with a well-thought-out strategy, incorporating marketing efforts and clear communication. Post-launch, I keep a watchful eye, analyzing user behavior and swiftly addressing any evolving needs to maintain a stellar user experience.

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